Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Holidays - Part II - The Music

Thanksgiving and everything that goes with it (the food, the family, the family drama, the shopping, the days off of work) FINALLY got here and is already gone away. BUT, really all that means is that it was/is FINALLY time to break out the Christmas music!! I'm a firm believer in "Keeping the THANKS in Thanksgiving" so I kept my Christmas CD's stowed away until the right time. Some, however, did not do the same thing - I was at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and yes, they were ALREADY playing it. And they were playing Handel's Messiah none the less which I dont' normally associate as a Christmas song (more so EASTER) but I guess since we were keeping CHRIST in Christmas I'll let it slide. Actually, the more that I've listened to traditional "Christmas" music so far - especially the hymns - I am seeing that these songs apply to more than just Christmas. Quite a few of them talk about JESUS and CLEARLY tell us who is is and what He came here to do. That's the message of Christmas that I hope everyone understands this holiday season and all year long. There's a local radio station here in Dallas that prides itself on "keeping CHRIST in Christmas" but yet every other song on their station so far is about "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" - I don't get that at all.

On a much lighter note - here is one of my FAVORITE Christmas videos - at least it has been since I was a teenager (okay, I was in college when it came out! LOL) ENJOY!


Kevin & Cam said...

I love hearing Christmas music as well...the fun ones, but as I've gotten older, I like the simple spiritual ones. ;-) And you make such a good point, that we must remember what it's all about...Christmas is not about getting gifts...it's about celebrating Christ...and sharing & giving...which is something we should be doing every day! ;-)

I SURELY remember that video Meg! LOL

Mrs. Dallas said...

Christmas music reminds me of chillin at my uncle house, sneaking eatting candy canes on the unseen side of the tree and listening to Alexander O'Neal Christmas albumn. Since you have your est card; if you havent update your file book :O)

Anonymous said...

operation GTFO! LMAO!! that was something to remember. :)
keep up the motivation and hard work!