Friday, January 30, 2009

Complacently Content?

I have become really lazy about a lot of things...In the past, I have always looked for something to do when what I'm doing is finished. This applies at work, home, church, school -- where ever -- it was extremely rare to find me sitting idle twiddling my thumbs or being unproductive. Fast forward to where I see that I am right now. My job itself is not the most challenging thing that I have ever done before. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job -- I work with 5 other God-fearing Christians who are more concerned with glorifying God through our work & ministry than making money. There is NO PRESSURE to skate by or even have the thought of sliding something through that might not totally 100% follow the rules. This job has challenges outside of the actual work tasks -- people skills, personalities, etc. While I am content with what I'm doing right now - I have asked myself, is there such a thing as being TOO CONTENT? Does there come a point where you are so cool with what's going on around you & what you're doing that you become indifferent or complacent or even borderline lazy? I am so not used to having a drama and stress free workplace. EVERY other job that I have ever worked at has had some element of discord. I guess I have spent most of my life after college looking for the "next best thing" as far as my career goes and this season where I am just seems way too good to be true. I'm not looking further than this careerwise which is a question that I get quite a bit. "You have an MBA, so what now?" -- Now is the time for me to sit back and relax and soak up all this positiveness! I have always said there is a huge difference between having a life & making a living. So I guess it is completely natural for me to wonder if I have "settled" (careerwise) or if this is the end all be all that God has had for me all along? I don't have the answers to these questions and I know I'm rambling - but that's what's been on my mind for the past few weeks or so. Feedback & comments are greatly appreciated!

I have been a total slacker on Project Health & Fitness for the past week also. I have not worked out this week AT ALL. I had a plan to work out on Tuesday & Wednesday but my excuse is that it was too cold. Well, and Wednesday there was ice all up to my doorway on the sidewalk & stepping outside would've probably resulted in me falling down & getting hurt. :( Sooo... next week is a new week & I will try to do better -- ugh, as I write this I can feel the burn ESPECIALLY since me and that treadmill haven't seen each other in over a week. I have kept up with the food part of my project though. Just now I ate a Lean Cuisine (Baked Chicken) and just made the comment to my co-workers that it was way to LEAN. I am still hungry but hopefully I can fight the urge to snack by drinking lots of tea & water & then eat when I get home.

I was going to post some photos from last week's trip to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra but photobucket just doesnt' seem to want to work for me today. Maybe next time... :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration & other ramblings

I never really remember being interested in watching the inauguration as a child. I'm not sure why - I mean, I'm sure that we watched it but I honestly don't remember much of it. I think the earliest "political thing" that I remember was the election back in... I guess it was 1984.. and we had a mock election in my 1st grade class. I didn't know A THING about the candidates or the issues so I think I voted based on hearing my parents say one good thing about someone who was running. Then when I got home, he was NOT the person my parents had voted for (or so they told me) and we never really had any other political discussions after that. Now that I'm older, things are wayy different. The elections that have happened in this decade (2000, 2004 & 2008) have been filled to the max with DRAMA and ISSUES! I think during these times, it's really important to prioritize the qualities that you might want our next leader to have and then find a candidate who matches all or most of those. For me, first and foremost WHOEVER is going to run our nation, city, county, etc. MUST be a Christian. I think all too often we set that aspect of our lives aside because it doesnt' go with what's going on around us and honestly, that kind of thinking gets us into a heap of trouble. Also, my hope in trusting and supporting someone who is Christian is that their platform, policies, programs, etc. align with the principles that Jesus taught. There is no gray area on this -- it's a black or white issue -- an ABSOLUTE. I have written here before my thoughts on President Obama and the election (see November 5, 2008) - my position has not changed. God is in total control of this nation and this world and there is absolutely nothing we can do to change it!

Even though the events leading up to the election and afterwards have not played out how I would have hoped, I was still eager to catch as much of the inauguration coverage as possible yesterday!! I think that anyone who lives in this country therefore calling themselves an American should have wanted to watch at least some of it. To me, it's kind of like the Olympics - it only happens every 4 years and I LOVE to see how all of the countless hours of planning and preparation all come together on the steps of the Capitol. I am also thankful that I work for a company who went out of their way to make sure that we had every opportunity to watch this historic moment. Granted, I had to educate some of my co-workers on the music part of things (they didnt' know who John Williams or Yo-Yo Ma was) but overall it was a great time to be able to bond with my co-workers who I am beginning to look at more as friends as I continue working with them. I would not have changed anything about the ceremony itself (except the weather, if I could) -- the mistakes that were made in the oath taking simply show that the people on those steps are human and that things like that are going to happen. I know I'd probably mess up something like that in front of 2 million plus people too! :) It was really fun to watch the parade throughout the afternoon also and talk to various people about the fashion choices of those involved. :) As I have said before, this nation has been and will continue to be in my prayers that our leaders will do what's right before God and that we would be a nation united and focused on GOD as our source for everything!

Other than that, things here are pretty drab. the only excitement has been weigh in day and seeing that I lost another 3 pounds :) I went to try to buy some new workout clothes today (I only have 2 pairs of pants & am tired of washing them all the time) but I haven't found exactly what I want yet. My task this week is trying to get my co-workers to eat healthy with me and to save money by bringing their lunch instead of going out everyday. Please pray for me in this because it is a struggle for both me (not to be judgy) & them (to follow through).

Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking vs. Running

As I sit here eating my "rabbit food" (GRASS, as our boy Duane would call it..), I have done some research on the internet about the treadmill at my apartments. I know, there are way more exciting things to read about on the web -- or even games to play (trust me, I had to stop playing Cake Mania 3 because I was thinking about... you guessed it.. CAKE!) but I thought I'd better know how the equipment works since I have been spending so much time with it.. there is a whole write up in the owner's manual for the treadmill. Here's what it says:

Q: Should I walk or run?
This depends on several things such as body weight, fitness goals, and what you like to do.Walking is the safest, most
compatible form of exercise for most people. If you’re just starting out, are new to exercise, or participate in aerobic activities
less than three times per week, we recommend that you walk. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced runner, stick with
your program — use your treadmill the way you want.
Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

[1] If you’re interested in weight control, walking can burn as many calories as a moderate running pace. To get a very small
increase in caloric expenditure, you have to run fast and, for most people, the extra effort isn’t worth it.
[2] Your chance of losing weight successfully is far greater with walking.Walking increases your daily caloric expenditure,
raises your metabolism, and is easier to stick with than running.
[3] Heavy users should always walk until they’ve shed some extra pounds and are closer to their desired body weight. Extra
weight means extra stress on joints and muscles, which in turn means residual muscle soreness.
[4] If you’re concerned about getting a “tough” workout and don’t think walking is adequate, try walking up a hill! You can
get just as much cardiovascular intensity (heart rate and breathing response) from walking as you can from running.

Don’t fool yourself with preconceived notions about walking -- you can sweat just as much by walking as by running.
Take it easy! Walk. Lose weight in comfort. Avoid being sore and discouraged. After you’ve reached your target weight,
reevaluate. If you like walking and want to stick with it, terrific. On the other hand, if some running is appealing, try it out
and see what it’s like. Just remember that walking will get you fit and keep you fit.

On another topic (besides Project LoFat Cupcake), there is something coming up in my life that I really want to write about on here...

but I can't..

I'm sorry but I know that you all understand that there are people who might read this who aren't supposed to know about this "thing" just quite yet. So you will have to wait.. just thought I'd put a teaser out there.. and I'm sure that I will have some people trying to guess what it is.. :) All I will say right now is that I am growing and learning A LOT where I am in my life right now and eventually I want to share some of that with you through this blog.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Progress Report: Week 1

A couple of things I forgot to mention yesterday... First of all, I didn't say that even though this project has proved to be a mental exercise for me - I did overcome one weakness over the weekend.. movie theater popcorn....I went to the $1 movies on Saturday morning & thought "I'd really like some of that popcorn.. oh well, I'm planning on coming back for another movie this afternoon, I'll get it then.." I ordered my Coke Zero (only) and went to my seat. When I arrived for the second movie (High School Musical 3, in case you were wondering..) the concession stand line was so long so I just kept walking through the turnstile to the movie... I think that popcorn is okay, in moderation.. and not with all that butter and fat piled up on it... :/

Anyway, enough of that rabbit trail, the real purpose of today's blog is to fill you in on my progress. As some of you know, I went to the doctor last week & that is what I'm using as my "starting weight". As of today at 12pm CST, I have lost 4 pounds.

Like Dallas says.. 1 pound at a time.. :)
I have 33 more pounds to go to hit the goal that the doctor gave me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Trudging Along

trudge [truhj]: to walk, esp. laboriously or wearily: to trudge up a long flight of steps.

Yes... it is DEFINITELY trudging..
Day 5 of my journey is complete and let me just say that I have learned A LOT so far...

1) In order for this to work, you HAVE to eat SOMETHING!!! (at least I do..) -- trying to get by on water & protien meal bars during the day and then eating a normal dinner is just not going to cut it. Don't get me wrong, I think one thing that is really working for me right now is these bars at certain times of the day -- but not as the primary form of sustenance. LESSON LEARNED

2) Peer pressure: It seems like there is always SOMEONE telling me what they are or aren't eating right now OR the ever present temptation to scrap the whole thing & either start all over or just not do it at all! I was thinking about this one today & then I realized that Project Fitness is about more than just physical health & training. It also includes the battlefield of the mind. :/
For example, every time I think about having to get on that treadmill & start sweating and hurting and all that jazz, there is this voice in my mind that says "well, yeah, you could do that... but... you'll feel MUCH better after you go workout" - I know, it's a hard concept even for me to grasp at first but I have found this to be true. My walk home from the workout room to my apartment always FEELS alot shorter than my walk there. Same speed, same amount of time, same everything but getting there is always harder than coming home.

Then there is the temptation to eat whatever I want.. "just because I worked out".. like yesterday, when my friends & I went to lunch after church. They chose the location - because they thought it had a playground for the kids (which I TOTALLY understand) - but my 2 biggest weaknesses are a) McDonalds French Fries & b) ARBY'S CURLY FRIES!!!! So as I stood in line to order, I thought "I could totally devour one of those beef & cheddar sandwiches right now and... c u r l y f r i e s!!!!!!!!!" But the more I stood there, the more I thought about how much harder it would be for me to get back on the treadmill today with all of that grease running through my veins! :) I was good... I got a salad.. those are the kinds of conscious decisions that I am having to make though on a day by day, hour by hour basis...

I think tomorrow will be weigh-in day so I can see how much progress I have made over this week.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project Health & Fitness: The Journey Begins

One of my resolutions for 2009 is to take better care of myself - physically and mentally. I normally don't make resolutions of any kind because I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT keep them - plus I don't really see the point in "resolving" to do something that you should already be doing anyway. But, I went ahead this year and decided to force myself into a... er.. goal (that's what I'd rather call them). I have written on here before about my previous attempt at losing weight - walking 5 days a week, my McDonald's fast, cutting back on soda & drinking mostly water and tea... I think the Christmas holidays got the best of me. I stopped watching what I was doing and honestly I actually stopped caring!! So now, here we are, January 7, 2009 and I am ready to make the commitment!
Yesterday my doctor gave me a goal of losing 40 pounds. I think that's a reasonable challenge as long as I stick to what I need to do. Between August & end of November I lost 14 pounds - more than I've ever been able to lose before just by doing simple things like not eating at McDonald's (my biggest weakness) and upping my metabolism with a little exercise. I was talking to my friend Dallas last night and we were both picking each other's brains on stuff that we have done or are going to try to make Project Health & Fitness a successful one. After the support that we both gave each other during project GTFO (ask me if you didn't know about that one - I'll be happy to fill you in), TOGETHER we can accomplish all of our goals (whatever they may be). You are all invited alongside me on this journey. I will do my best to update my progress here on the blog and please, please, PLEASE feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, encouragements or discouragements for me along the way. I welcome any and ALL feedback!

So as I am finishing up bottle #4 of water for today and my South Beach Living Crispy Meal Bar lunch I have to ask the question: It can't be THAT hard right?? I mean, I see other people do it all the time. What do they do? What keeps them motivated?

Until next time...