Monday, September 21, 2009

Kenya: A few details

Many of you have asked for details about my upcoming mission trip:

  • Dates: November 20th-November 29th ~ I will probably fly out late Thursday night (the 19th) or Friday morning. We will either be arriving back in the USA on Sunday evening (29th) or Monday (the 30th).

**Please begin praying for safe travel for the entire team. Also, begin praying for our strength and endurance as we travel & come back**
We will leave DFW & be on the plane for about 8 hours, stopping for a few hours in Amsterdam. From there, we will go to Nairobi, Kenya (towards the center of the country) and then switch planes to fly to Mombasa, Kenya (on the coast). THEN, we will take a bus approximately 2 hours to our actual location for the week. As you can imagine, there will be LONG periods of time on airplanes and we will be traveling across soo many time zones. When we get there, I probably won't even know what day it is (I think it'll be the next day.. but yeah..)!! LOL Luckily, when we come back, we will gain all of our "lost" time back but we will be exhausted.

  • What will be waiting for us when we get there? We are staying in some cabins (from what I understand) at a site where the children who we will be ministering to will be staying also. There is limited electricity (you have to bring adapters but even then, you might not have long periods of power) which means no air conditioning, no internet, no cell phones and no blow dryers (I've been struggling through the things that I will miss the most.) I have been told that our sleeping arrangements will be with mosquito nets to help protect us from anything that might be a threat. **Again, please pray that we will all make the adjustments and be able to be cheerful regardless of the circumstance or situations that we might find ourselves in.**

Our primary purpose in Kenya will be to put on a Vacation Bible School type camp for these children for the week. I have no idea what my role in this will be yet. We are just starting to meet together as a team and will eventually start going over the ciriculuum and figuring out everyone's strengths so that we will be put to the best use of our talents. **Please pray for the hearts of the children and families that we will be ministering to ~ I pray that their hearts will be prepared to receive what God wants to show them through our interactions with them. The ultimate goal is to glorify God in all we do.**

  • One last thing we are praying about (and I ask you to do the same) is the financial needs of the team. The total cost per person for the trip is $3,000. I am certain that God has willed this trip to happen and that He will provide these resources. I ask that you prayerfully consider being a part of this journey financially. If you are able to support financially, please make your check payable to DENTON BIBLE CHURCH and write MEGAN HOFFMAN KENYA TRIP in the memo line. You can mail the check directly to me at the address listed below. These donations are tax deductible.

I have been asked to start blogging about all of the trip preparations as they are happening so you will start seeing those over the next few weeks. I thank you all again for always giving me the encouragement I need!

My address:
Megan Hoffman
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