Monday, February 14, 2011

More than just Cake

I have a confession to make.. Starting in the year 2000 when my college friends started getting married and eventually having kids, I used to go to weddings & baby showers & cry my eyes out afterwards. Not because I was overjoyed for their new life or their celebration.. or even how great the cake tasted (haha) but because deep down inside I was bitterly sad, lonely & extremely jealous of what they had that I didn't have.

Fast forward to 2011: I went to a wedding last weekend & literally bawled my eyes out! But the difference is that this time, I was truly happy for my friend! Kimloan could truly be the spokesperson for a "The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait" commercial. She was very focused on her studies from the get-go & always knew that she had one goal that she wanted to accomplish -- Medical School. It wasn't easy, but Kimmy achieved that goal and she became a doctor this year! (trust me, it was a long road). She really never dated anyone in college - lots of guys wanted to date her but we all always knew that it would take a special kind of guy to handle Kimmy. I mean, being a biology major and ultimately wanting to become a doctor.. there was definitely an intelligency factor that had to be taken into consideration. Most guys are not up to the task so we both thought that she would NEVER find a guy like that. She would grow old, surrounded by friends (because none of US were getting married either.. well, unless it's legalized here in Texas for some of our crew).

But as I sat in the cathedral last Saturday afternoon, eagerly awaiting the start of the ceremony, I realized that I had never felt JOYFUL at a wedding before. One by one her parents & bridesmaids filtered down the aisle and in my mind I reminisced about old times with these people. A smile came over my face. THEN, the organ started the fanfare & the church doors opened & out walked my friend... the biggest smile on her face and long white dress trailing behind her... and I lost it! My friend was all grown up! The day we had talked about NEVER coming, was happening! And I was so happy that I was moved to the point of tears.

Before I left the reception, she asked me "Did you ever think this would happen?" and I replied "No" - Then she held out her hand so that I could look at her wedding ring one last time. BEAUTIFUL. I write all of this to say that I have felt my heart was changed but this solidified it in my mind. It is amazing to me how much prayer and understanding biblical truth can totally change one's perspective and outlook on life.

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Izzi said...

happy to see you are posting again, i havent read any ones post in decades ;p
I'm happy for your friend.. now if you would just let me Nilla we can get you married asap.. grandpa aint that old! lol!! seriously, i am certain your time is coming, I cant wait!! Momma hoffman :)