Sunday, July 27, 2008

Slow Fade

In preparation for my upcoming exit interview (you know, that thing that you have to do when you LEAVE a job!), I decided to go back to my old blog & reminisce about when I first started working at good 'ol HFN (at the time). Here is an excerpt from that blog:

Day 1 is complete!! It actually wasn't bad at all. It has been so long, I had forgotten how much paperwork you always have to fill out on the first day of work. No wonder my employees used to get so bored on their first days -- at least I didnt' have to go over benefits w/ them!! I'm actually glad that I'm not an HR person cuz that stuff SUCKS!! Or at least, explaining it sucks. There are some really cool people in my training class. I think we'll get along just fine.... I think we actually get to start learning stuff tomorrow so that'll when the fun truly starts...

Today's highlights:
** FREE SOCKS!! -- yes, I know I used to sell them and get free ones at my other job too -- but you can never have too many socks!! (Just one of the perks.. along w/ my paperweight..)

** Free picture frame!! -- to make us feel more at home at our desk.. we get to choose a favorite photo to display -- I may have to change mine out periodically to keep things interesting..** **Free lunch!! -- ok, so that part sounded good in the beginning but in reality, it was some really tough roast beef that was catered in from somewhere (I should find out where so I NEVER go there..) I broke my plastic fork trying to cut this mess.. it was sad..

** This one may be my favorite one of all..
FREE TAMPONS (and other hygenie needs)!! lol -- Yeah, instead of having a little machine, they just have them on the counter for ya.. just in case.. Sorry, I just think that's cool -- another example of going above and beyond (and that's wayy above in my opinion..)

Anyhow, we also have the chance to get some really awesome stuff when we've worked there for a year. Here's my other favorite thing -- a company LETTER jacket!

This surely can't be the same company that I work (at least for another 5 days) for now!?! To look at what it is now is like NIGHT AND DAY but trust me, it didn't change overnight. Makes me think of a song I was listening to the other night that talks about this same concept -- one step to the left (outside of right) doesn't always make an impact right away but the farther & farther away you get from rightness, you see a deterioration of so many things.

It's a slow fade when you give yourself away
It's a slow fade when black and white have turned to gray
Thoughts invade, choices are made, a price will be paid
When you give yourself away
People never crumble in a day
It's a slow fade

--Casting Crowns


Miss Dallas said...

Girl, I was so happy to get away from Ford. I was so impressed they fed us on Fridays. Oh well see a difference a day make.

LadyCam said...

Yep, them good ole free breakfast on fridays, free water, cokes, ALL GONE...but at least they kept the free tampons and Crystal if they took that, that would have IT!! j/k LOL...But yes, those were the good ole days, and the company we started working for is NOT the same one it is now....

And I'm so happy for you Meg....God is amazing...