Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rabbit Food

Well, since it's been about a month since I wrote anything... I guess I'd better -- I mean, afterall, Dallas wrote SOMETHING to appease me (evil) :)

I have officially been at my new job for a grand total of 38 days. I really feel like things are starting to come together there as I keep learning how to find my way around the office and the never-ending paper trail that goes with it. I have gotten closer to my co-workers but we are not as close as I was to all of my awesome friends at... the big red building... To those of you that are still there: I have not forgotten about you. You have the ability to read my blog, email me, call me, text me just like anyone else. I pray for you all DAILY as I drive by the building in hopes that your deliverence is forth coming and if it isn't that you are able to discern God's will on your life in having you there.

Our office started this contest called "The Biggest Loser" where the goal is to see which team can lose the largest percentage of their body weight by the week before Thanksgiving. We started on August 21st. So far, I have lost 5 lbs. My personal goal is to lose a little bit each week. I dont' really have a target weight and who knows if we will even win the contest, the way we are looking at it, we are establishing a pattern of eating & discipline that will help us to stay healthy. My diet consists of (usually): a Slim Fast shake for breakfast, salad or a sandwich for lunch, and a sensible dinner. Wow, I sound like a commercial LOL. I have been drinking A TON of water and tea and keeping the soda to a minimum, even then drinking Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Let's just say I can tell it's making a difference because I am in the potty more often.. which is okay especially since I am not chained to my desk -- I am still trying to break myself from that though and have often found myself thinking "I'll go in 5 minutes or when I'm done with this.."

Anyhow, I have tons more to write/update but I must catch some "zzzzz" right now. I am going to make an attempt to use DART tomorrow -- mainly because traffic in the evenings is a major cause of stress and frustration for me -- and secondly because I have this nice pass that I paid for in June ($90) and it expires in December so I need to start trying to get my money out of it. Please pray for me in this DART endeavor. I have to get off of the train & hop on a bus to get me to my office and that makes me nervous. Hmm.. now that I have a camera phone though, I can catch a few more DART moments on film like me & Dallas used to do when we rode together :)

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