Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Rest of the Story

I truly do apologize for leaving everyone in suspense about the rest of my weekend. This is going to sound weird but I was so tired at one point that I couldn't sleep. And my mind was not forming complete thoughts very well -- I guess you could call me a zombie so I had to take a break from the blog.

You all will be glad to know that I made it to the end of the weekend! Saturday was a pretty good day with the kids. We took them to Chick Fila for lunch & then to a $1 movie. A cartoon that I had barely heard of. It was a pretty cute little story but I think that the adults laughed more than the kids did. Seeing as how it was the only movie rated G at that theater, we had to go with it.
Sunday morning was a little rough at the beginning because the kids were fighting and we were tired (the adults). Once we got to church and got the kids in child care (free, I'll add) - things started to look up. As I sat down in church and the music started to come on, me & God started to have a pretty serious conversation. The moral of the story was that if I was going to get through the rest of this day with these kids... I needed HIM so I'd better recognize that pretty quick, change my heart & move on with the day. After I did this & called in the prayer warriors to cover us all day long - it was a good day. My teammate (Aunt Lindsey) had to go catch her flight at noon so from then on it was me & 3 kids! Only by the grace of God did I survive. My first course of action was to take them to McDonalds for lunch & LOTS of playing! We were there for almost 2 hours... they actually came and started asking me if it was time to go yet... LOL.. never seen that happen before. Bribery was my strategy for naptime and getting everyone to sleep. It ACTUALLY worked!! I told the kids that I would have a surprise for them if they all went to sleep -- they did so I got to sit in the quiet for 2 hours and watch... hearing the laughter now... HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2!!!! :) Don't worry, I followed up with my end of the bargain - they each got 2 cookies when they woke up! It's the little things, right? Mom & Dad arrived home around 9:30pm so while I still didn't get to finish watching the Grammy's, it was really, really, really good to have them home! I even got souveniors & presents from their trip! A Hard Rock Cafe Hurricane Glass to add to my collection AND a love offering ($$$). :)

Lessons Learned (just because on Project MBA we ALWAYS had to wrap things up like this): After this experience, I still like kids (surprised?). However, I do not like babysitting especially for a long period of time like a whole weekend. A few hours might still be okay but extended vacations are not something that I think I specialize in. I think that if (big IF) I ever get married and have kids, I see myself as overweight and broke because I'll spend A LOT of time at McDonald's eating those yummy french fries and spending all kinds of money on myself & the kids. Just an observation.

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