Friday, February 6, 2009

Project Daycare: Day I

Now, as most of ya'll know -- I always call the major undertakings that I start up "PROJECTS" -- today's (and the next 2 days') adventures are no different. What exactly is: Project Daycare? Well, my best friend decided to surprise her husband with a weekend getaway to Georgia to go eat at Paula Deen's restaurant. He ended up finding out but nevertheless, what was he going to say? - "no, absolutely not, I won't go on this awesome trip that you've gone to so much trouble to plan for us?" SERIOUSLY.. what guy would do that?!? I mean, she even went so far as to call his boss to make sure that he wouldn't try any funny business like planning his OWN little trip for them by taking the day off and basically got his entire calendar cleared for the weekend so they could do this. As far as I know at this point, the trip is going marvelously despite the fact that their itinerary for the entire trip is sitting on the coffee table in their living room....

So where do I fit in to all of this? Well, my friend has 3 kids - 10 yr old boy, 5 yr old girl, 3 yr old girl -- there are times when they are little angels & you think "aww, they're so cute and so well-behaved" and other times when you start praying for the Super Nanny to walk through the door and start giving folks the business :) These 3 kids are my "weekend project" this weekend while their parents are out of town. Luckily, my friend's husband has a sister who is just a little younger than me and single and she flew up from Corpus Christi so we could do this as a team effort. After day 1, I have a new respect for single mothers. There is NO WAY that I think I would or could find the strength to raise children on my own. There is a reason why God created man AND woman to be helpmates for each other. I couldn't do it on my own. It really wasn't that bad when just one kid was there but as the others started coming home from school - the time slowed wayyy down and the drama level intensified. One kid had to be put in time out twice for talking back to us and.. well, that might be about the worst of it. Tomorrow, we have our day pretty much planned out which I think is important because the more that we are doing with these kids, the faster the time will seem to go by and we won't feel like we are sitting and doing nothing, ya know? I will keep the blog as updated as possible but lesson learned for today -- if I am going to raise kids, Imma need a husband.

One last note (just for a good laugh) - I am reading this book right now called Marriable: Taking the desperate out of dating. I just read a quote in here that I laughed out loud at and thought I'd share. The chapter is called Men Lie to Get What they Want: the author says:

Sex is the biggest bargaining tool a woman has in getting a man to commit. Just remember you can play him the way he was meant to be played by not rewarding the big fat horny liar until you get a ring, a cake, and a binding legal document!

LOL.. and this book was at Mardel's - the Christian bookstore. too funny..

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Kevin & Cam said...

Ha! Interesting that was in Mardel's! Not that surprised though! And I'm sooo curious to see how the remainder of the weekend went with the kids....Meg, just look at it as "preparation" for your future family... ;-) GOOD STUFF!! God is full of beautiful surprises!