Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project Health & Fitness: The Journey Begins

One of my resolutions for 2009 is to take better care of myself - physically and mentally. I normally don't make resolutions of any kind because I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT keep them - plus I don't really see the point in "resolving" to do something that you should already be doing anyway. But, I went ahead this year and decided to force myself into a... er.. goal (that's what I'd rather call them). I have written on here before about my previous attempt at losing weight - walking 5 days a week, my McDonald's fast, cutting back on soda & drinking mostly water and tea... I think the Christmas holidays got the best of me. I stopped watching what I was doing and honestly I actually stopped caring!! So now, here we are, January 7, 2009 and I am ready to make the commitment!
Yesterday my doctor gave me a goal of losing 40 pounds. I think that's a reasonable challenge as long as I stick to what I need to do. Between August & end of November I lost 14 pounds - more than I've ever been able to lose before just by doing simple things like not eating at McDonald's (my biggest weakness) and upping my metabolism with a little exercise. I was talking to my friend Dallas last night and we were both picking each other's brains on stuff that we have done or are going to try to make Project Health & Fitness a successful one. After the support that we both gave each other during project GTFO (ask me if you didn't know about that one - I'll be happy to fill you in), TOGETHER we can accomplish all of our goals (whatever they may be). You are all invited alongside me on this journey. I will do my best to update my progress here on the blog and please, please, PLEASE feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, encouragements or discouragements for me along the way. I welcome any and ALL feedback!

So as I am finishing up bottle #4 of water for today and my South Beach Living Crispy Meal Bar lunch I have to ask the question: It can't be THAT hard right?? I mean, I see other people do it all the time. What do they do? What keeps them motivated?

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

After all this, there is only one thing to say: Have reverence for God, and obey his commands, because this is all that we were created for. ECCLESIASTES 12:13 TEV

Mrs. Dallas said...

Hey Nilla,

I love the blog and I think you would love my new blog too :O).
Sorry I am late posting a comment, you know you my sista.

Queen Dallas, First Lady of the Royal Douglas Family.