Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Progress Report: Week 1

A couple of things I forgot to mention yesterday... First of all, I didn't say that even though this project has proved to be a mental exercise for me - I did overcome one weakness over the weekend.. movie theater popcorn....I went to the $1 movies on Saturday morning & thought "I'd really like some of that popcorn.. oh well, I'm planning on coming back for another movie this afternoon, I'll get it then.." I ordered my Coke Zero (only) and went to my seat. When I arrived for the second movie (High School Musical 3, in case you were wondering..) the concession stand line was so long so I just kept walking through the turnstile to the movie... I think that popcorn is okay, in moderation.. and not with all that butter and fat piled up on it... :/

Anyway, enough of that rabbit trail, the real purpose of today's blog is to fill you in on my progress. As some of you know, I went to the doctor last week & that is what I'm using as my "starting weight". As of today at 12pm CST, I have lost 4 pounds.

Like Dallas says.. 1 pound at a time.. :)
I have 33 more pounds to go to hit the goal that the doctor gave me.


Kevin & Cam said...
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Kevin & Cam said...

And you will hit your goal Nilla! When we were last talking at LaTina's wedding, you had already made a lot of progress...so proud of you! Keep it going! It's not an overnight process...(although we wish it could be!! LOL)...stay committed! I'm getting on the bandwagon too! You trip me out with watching High School Musical!! LOL

Kevin & Cam said...

Oh, and when "Project Wedding Bells" start...you and Dallas will be two of the first to know! Most definitely! ;-)