Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking vs. Running

As I sit here eating my "rabbit food" (GRASS, as our boy Duane would call it..), I have done some research on the internet about the treadmill at my apartments. I know, there are way more exciting things to read about on the web -- or even games to play (trust me, I had to stop playing Cake Mania 3 because I was thinking about... you guessed it.. CAKE!) but I thought I'd better know how the equipment works since I have been spending so much time with it.. there is a whole write up in the owner's manual for the treadmill. Here's what it says:

Q: Should I walk or run?
This depends on several things such as body weight, fitness goals, and what you like to do.Walking is the safest, most
compatible form of exercise for most people. If you’re just starting out, are new to exercise, or participate in aerobic activities
less than three times per week, we recommend that you walk. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced runner, stick with
your program — use your treadmill the way you want.
Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

[1] If you’re interested in weight control, walking can burn as many calories as a moderate running pace. To get a very small
increase in caloric expenditure, you have to run fast and, for most people, the extra effort isn’t worth it.
[2] Your chance of losing weight successfully is far greater with walking.Walking increases your daily caloric expenditure,
raises your metabolism, and is easier to stick with than running.
[3] Heavy users should always walk until they’ve shed some extra pounds and are closer to their desired body weight. Extra
weight means extra stress on joints and muscles, which in turn means residual muscle soreness.
[4] If you’re concerned about getting a “tough” workout and don’t think walking is adequate, try walking up a hill! You can
get just as much cardiovascular intensity (heart rate and breathing response) from walking as you can from running.

Don’t fool yourself with preconceived notions about walking -- you can sweat just as much by walking as by running.
Take it easy! Walk. Lose weight in comfort. Avoid being sore and discouraged. After you’ve reached your target weight,
reevaluate. If you like walking and want to stick with it, terrific. On the other hand, if some running is appealing, try it out
and see what it’s like. Just remember that walking will get you fit and keep you fit.

On another topic (besides Project LoFat Cupcake), there is something coming up in my life that I really want to write about on here...

but I can't..

I'm sorry but I know that you all understand that there are people who might read this who aren't supposed to know about this "thing" just quite yet. So you will have to wait.. just thought I'd put a teaser out there.. and I'm sure that I will have some people trying to guess what it is.. :) All I will say right now is that I am growing and learning A LOT where I am in my life right now and eventually I want to share some of that with you through this blog.

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