Monday, January 12, 2009

Trudging Along

trudge [truhj]: to walk, esp. laboriously or wearily: to trudge up a long flight of steps.

Yes... it is DEFINITELY trudging..
Day 5 of my journey is complete and let me just say that I have learned A LOT so far...

1) In order for this to work, you HAVE to eat SOMETHING!!! (at least I do..) -- trying to get by on water & protien meal bars during the day and then eating a normal dinner is just not going to cut it. Don't get me wrong, I think one thing that is really working for me right now is these bars at certain times of the day -- but not as the primary form of sustenance. LESSON LEARNED

2) Peer pressure: It seems like there is always SOMEONE telling me what they are or aren't eating right now OR the ever present temptation to scrap the whole thing & either start all over or just not do it at all! I was thinking about this one today & then I realized that Project Fitness is about more than just physical health & training. It also includes the battlefield of the mind. :/
For example, every time I think about having to get on that treadmill & start sweating and hurting and all that jazz, there is this voice in my mind that says "well, yeah, you could do that... but... you'll feel MUCH better after you go workout" - I know, it's a hard concept even for me to grasp at first but I have found this to be true. My walk home from the workout room to my apartment always FEELS alot shorter than my walk there. Same speed, same amount of time, same everything but getting there is always harder than coming home.

Then there is the temptation to eat whatever I want.. "just because I worked out".. like yesterday, when my friends & I went to lunch after church. They chose the location - because they thought it had a playground for the kids (which I TOTALLY understand) - but my 2 biggest weaknesses are a) McDonalds French Fries & b) ARBY'S CURLY FRIES!!!! So as I stood in line to order, I thought "I could totally devour one of those beef & cheddar sandwiches right now and... c u r l y f r i e s!!!!!!!!!" But the more I stood there, the more I thought about how much harder it would be for me to get back on the treadmill today with all of that grease running through my veins! :) I was good... I got a salad.. those are the kinds of conscious decisions that I am having to make though on a day by day, hour by hour basis...

I think tomorrow will be weigh-in day so I can see how much progress I have made over this week.

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Mrs. Dallas said...

Stay strong Nilla, we got this...
Lo fat cupcake is the goal.